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Eddie Mims – CEO of ArtBeat4u

Eddie Mims The Artist

Hello, I’m Eddie Mims, welcome to my gallery. Let me introduce myself, I’m a country boy from the great state of Alabama. I’ve been an artist since I was a little boy, but I didn’t start painting until a few years ago. You see, in my younger days I was pretty wild. I never had time to sit and paint but I loved the idea of painting and the beauty that can be found in some creations. Believe me, God moves in mysterious ways. 

You see, I am a double amputee as well as a dialysis patient and of course can’t run around like I used to. Get this, God remove my legs so that I might soar. Yes, that slowed me down a bit. Now I have the time and patience to sit and create. And in doing so, I’ve found more satisfaction and joy than I had in all my adult life. 

My philosophy is, art is like our lives in that it touches people deeply. I try to inject emotion and realism into each piece of my collection and in doing so I somehow lose myself and find myself at the same time. Nothing gives me greater pleasure or sense of immorality than to have someone grace their wall with one of my paintings. 

I hope you enjoy your visit. Got questions? Please, use the chat function. Let’s talk about it.