Are the colors of the paintings really like that?

I take high quality photos of the paintings so that you get the most realistic picture possible. But the screens of PCs, tablets and mobile phones in people’s homes or at work are all different in quality and setting. Deviating color nuances can therefore occur.

Does the painting always stay that beautiful?

The acrylic paint used is of very good quality and contains a UV filter so that the colors will not fade. Any dust that has settled on the top edge of the painting can be removed with a damp cloth. Although the paint used is UV-resistant, it is better not to hang the painting in full sun or to use spots of more than 30 watts.

I know what kind of painting I want, but there is no such thing in your collection?

That can happen. Please contact me and let me know what you are looking for. Send a photo of what you are looking for if you can. I will work with you to get you what you want.

Can all paintings be hung immediately?

Yes, all paintings have painted sides, so they do not need to be framed. One or more loose suspension brackets are supplied as standard, which are easy to attach to the wooden frame.

Can I upload a photo of my room and place the painting in it?

Yes you can. With every painting you see a button ‘Preview in my room.’ Via that button you can upload your photo and the painting in question is placed directly in it. You can then turn it around through 360*, move it about the room and change the size. So you immediately know what the painting looks like in your interior!

When will you deliver the painting?

Paintings are usually shipped within 2/3 days of ordering. Depending on where you live it is usually 5/7 days for delivery. As soon as your painting is shipped you will receive a track and trace number and you can always find out where it is.

How will you ship the painting?

Paintings will be delivered in either a wooden crate or in a heavy reinforced packaging. Your painting will arrive in perfect condition ready to hang on your wall.

Can I have print of the painting?

Yes. I do a quality print on canvass of all my artworks. To learn more about the sizes, quality, and prices please contact me on Live chat, email me on artbeat4u@comcast.net or phone me on 1-857-424-9190

What are the available payment methods?

Payment can be made through PayPal or by credit card or debit card or if you prefer through bank transfer.

Can I talk with you in person about the paintings?

Yes, You can talk to me on Live Chat or you can phone me if you prefer. My phone number is 1-857-424-9190

Do you accept commissions?

Yes, in most cases I can be commissioned to paint a similar one if the one you wanted has been sold. Some paintings because of the techniques used can’t be replicated. I also accept commissions for whatever you want painted. Contact me for a talk and we can discuss your needs.